Current Entry Requirements

Partially vaccinated/ Unvaccinated: 


1. SPASS certificate
2. Booking Confirmation
3. Negative RT-PCR test from a DOH licensed laboratory.
4. Government issued ID

nooks and interiors

not your ordinary bed & breakfast


Children below 12 y.o.

Children below 12 years of age must have a Medical Certificate from a licensed Primary care physician.

Baler is a gem in the Philippine tourism industry as it offers all sorts of fun activities. The province is filled with natural wonders that truly amazes anyone who visits this famous surf town.

Nestled in the prime area of Sabang Beach,  Backdoor Villa offers affordable yet stylish accommodation for travelers on the go. A selection of cheap, comfortable rooms for every type of traveler waiting to discover Baler. The Villa is supported by a lounge, bar & cafe with internet, available without breaking your budget. 


Backdoor Villa is a stone's throw away from the beach and located alongside Sabang's best coffee shops, restaurants, outdoor activity centered businesses and of course Baler's famous surf scene. Marvel the colorful beach life that Baler has to offer waitng to be experienced. It is a popular spot for carefree travelers and surfers to spend their worry free, budget friendly holidays!

​​Backdoor Villa is  Safety Seal approved for compliance with the minimum public health standards set by the Philippine government.

as of November 15,2021

Fully vaccinated: 


12 y.o. & up
1. SPASS certificate
2.Booking Confirmation
3. Vaccination Certifcate          through Vaxcert
4. Valid ID- government issued ID

Backdoor Villa

​Department of Tourism Accredited Establishment

Affordable, clean, Comfortable 

Unlike other bed & breakfast establishments in Baler, Backdoor offers additional areas within the Villa allowing guests to relax and enjoy their stay without getting stuck in their rooms. It's more than a bed & breakfast. It is home. 


entry Requirements

as of Nov. 15,2021

baler...A DESTINATION FOR FUN and relaxation!

An oasis in the heart of Sabang Beach, Baler

ALLEY 1 , SABANG, BALER, AURORA, PHILIPPINES 3200 / +63-977-7476120 /

​We are sticklers for ensuring your stay is the best it can be . That is why we have remained to be a favorite to surf enthusiasts and travelers frequenting Baler without breaking your holiday budget.