Our banks are :

Bank :BDO
Account name: Backdoor Villa

Bank: Metrobank
Account name: Lorli Dima-ala

Bank : PNB Savings

Account name: Blandino Garcia Jr.

PAYPAL ACCOUNT: backdoorpayments@gmail.com 


Company outings, reunions or big groups? Would you like to set up an event with us? Email us at backdoorvilla@gmail.com, or simply type in the details in the message box on this page and we will help create a package for your group! We will help you come up with the best itinerary for your much awaited trip!

ALLEY 1 , SABANG, BALER, AURORA, PHILIPPINES 3200 / +63-977-7476120/+63-920-5791166 / backdoorvilla@gmail.com

Backdoor Villa

Just a precaution, to avoid any mishaps on your payments in case unscrupulous people try to present themselves as part of our company, a common and unfortunate trend in scamming businesses nowadays, please take some precautionary measures to avoid damages on your end.

Please take note that we do not receive any other mode of payment except cash payments at the facility or by making a deposit through our bank account or PAYPAL account to complete reservations. Please do not entertain any calls or methods of payment from anyone other than the listed bank account and cellphone numbers found in our website. We currently only use the following numbers to get hold of our clients, 0920-5791166, 0977-7476120 and our  email accounts :

backdoorvilla@gmail.com,bookings@backdoor.com, mahdoxsurf@gmail.com

Unless otherwise, for your convenience, you ask us to receive your payment by way of money transfer should we accept a different method of payment.

There are also a number of tour operators and travel agencies bringing in clients to us locally and abroad, if you wish to find out whether we have a relationship to a particular company, you may  call us at +63-977-7476120 We are not however liable as to however they handle their business, we can only verify with you company names who have exchanged businesses with us. Please use your best judgement as to how they present the legitimacy and the credentials of their businesses to you. 


Please make sure to include the following in the message box to complete your booking and we will get back to you as soon as possible :

Name of primary guest:

Mobile number:

Check in date: 

​Check out date:

Number of guests including the primary guest:

Backdoor Villa

Alley 1, Sabang, Baler, Aurora, Philippines, 3200

Phone:  +63-977-7476120


E-mail: backdoorvilla@gmail.com